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Friendship and our kids

Those of you who read my blog (when I used to write on it properly, that is) (and a day is coming when I will return, I promise) (and this promise is like a real promise and not like all those other promises that I sometimes make and never keep) (promise)... will know that aside from liking to ramble on quite a lot, I also like to talk about friendship. The getting of it, the tending of it, the wrecking of it, the observing of it and, most importantly, the fostering of it in our children.

It's a tricky thing, young friendship. So rock-solid one minute, so epic-fail the next. Helping our children work out how it all fits together (and not get too hurt, but maybe just a little) is one of the great challenges of parenting. And that's if your children can even find a friend in the first place.

But before I write a whole new post over here, come over to Village Voices where I recently talked a great deal about helping our kids navigate their frienships

I'd be very happy to have a little chat via the comments because we have Disqus over there and I can reply and then you can reply and I'll reply again and then before you know it, we're best buds ourselves. It's true!


Kate @ Our Little Sins said...

It's a tough one when you're a kid... I hope I can help my boys navigate their friendships properly. Sometimes I tend to be too fatalistic and I don't want to pass that on until they're old enough to understand it!

ally said...

Hello :-)
Those toes would have been right at home at our place yesterday.
Oh friendships...just one of the thousand things I worry about for my girls (the boys seem to have it much more under control)

Lisa@RandomActsOfZen said...

Disqus still won't play nicely, but I just had to comment, as I was nodding all the way through your post Bron.
I agree it's essential that we let our kids know that not everyone will like them, and sometimes friendships just fall away for no real reason.
We've been through a few friendships since Bell started kindy way back in 2006, some more turbulent than others. But, I like the fact that she has a whole lot of different friends at her new school this year, and not all in her class.
She has also had a couple of friends since they were about 9 months old, we don't catch up often, but when we do it's like they are old buddies. x

Life, Loves...... said...

love this pic. I did a similar one with my sister and mum in the summer. Must dig it out

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

Ahhhh yes - childhood friendships. A mine field right and often heartache for mum. Heading over now. xx

Fiona said...

At school the kids learn about choosing "just right" books to read. We like to extend this to the idea of "just right" friends when going through these issues. Sometimes, in a small school, those "just right" friends can be darned hard to find!

Ellen Arthur said...

I have moved to Sydney in my adult life which meant that I had to leave all childhood friends back in Adelaide. I found that I would tend to have a best friend and then somehow we would grow apart and then I would be lonely until I made another best friend. There is seriously no security like knowing that you have a best friend to cling onto everyday at school!

Ellen xx

ps. Just found your blog :)

Emily said...

This is one of the things I'm most nervous about as Ashleigh gets older. Kinders, schools, activities, I figure all that stuff will work itself out. But I cross my fingers that she'll find good friends. And be a good friend herself.

rach. said...

cute picture! and i believe that if you are an honest and loving parent, your child will find their way through problems regarding friendship. you just need to be there when then run through those problems for comfort. which i'm sure you will be! you sound like a wonderful mom.

love, rach.

Naturally Carol said...

I await your return to more regularity here with eyes wide open anticipation!

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

sometimes being a kid is not easy! And friendships are one of those things where there can be lots of tears and sadness. xx

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