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Through the Instagram: Little peek at January

I still miss my Fridge Chronicles and often wonder when I'm going to get around to bringing them back, but I'm well into these little Instajournals each month.

Dancing on the beach one moment...

... dancing in the rain the next. That was January in Sydney for you. What am I gonna do when Picnik closes? Does anyone know of a similar type of site that let's you collage your pictures?

But back to January...

Always a momentous occasion when I grow an actual fruit. The strawbs are flourishing in the rain and then rotting on the bush as the Tsunamis think they are too sour. I can't win.

Random nautical people - I just love this shot. See below.

We went to a pirate / mermaid themed one year old's birthday party on a harbour cruise. It looks fabulous up there, but it was all a bit nauseating in reality (I am not good with boats). 
Plus, the actual party looked like this...

Note to self: cruises are not a good idea for kids' birthdays. But I knew that already. The green sea-monster woman up there is my darling sister-in-law (the Best Aunty in the Whole World), Lucia. She's my right-hand-woman for all things party and she was a godsend for our friend at this one too.

Yes, I still have pimples at 40. Oh, and ignore the boat hair, won't you!

There's another lovely beach. This time at Manly, where we excitedly met LOML after work off the ferry...

... and I thought 'I could do this life'.

I could definitely do this life.

A night out for pizza. We'd never been to GPK before, but it was really lots of fun. The pizza was pretty awful, but I'd recommend the decidedly un-pizzaish Teryaki Chicken.

We've so enjoyed our watermelon smiles this Summer. 

Or any kind of smiles, really. These two are so like my little sister and I that it just makes me want to go back in time so we can play together. 

A little mushroom light I bought at Lark. Awful photo, lovely mushroom light.

And then it was back to work...

... and back to school.

And that's a January wrap.

Do you still get pimples?
How long have you had them?
I have had them for 29 years.


Jessica said...

There's an app you can get on your iPhone called 'Frametastic.'
I use that app to make photo collages :)

And as for pimples, nope I'm pretty lucky I don't get them and have had dreamworthy skin since starting on the pill. However there are still a few marks around from my teenage years and I'm yet to find the product to refine them and blackheads :( I guess you win some you lose some :)

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

And what a fabulous January it was Bron. Love the pics. Especially your little cherubs free spritited on the beach!

perhaps a little 'sandblasting' Bron ;) Only way to get rid of my black heads.

Happy Days. xx

mel @ loved said...

Yes! Sadly I do get pimples 40! Love your jan wrap up, what a great month it was..x

Rhonda said...

I love your pictures! It makes me go green with iPhone envy.

Taryn said...

yep - odd spots here too, so you're not alone!

supermac said...

Lovely post, lovely pix. It is such a feel-good blog entry, all in all.

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Are you kidding? I am zit city at 37 years old.
AND I still get motion sickness. Planes, trains, automobiles.
Glamour, glamour, glamour.
Loved your comment on my post re: toilet training. No one tells you how exhausting and demoralising it is going to be, do they? There was so much warning about breastfeeding and settling a crying baby so I thought that toilet training, by contrast, would be a doddle.
My little 'un hasn't managed a poo at the top of the slide at the playground, tho. Pretty impressive!!

Miss Mandy said...

Do you know what drives me even more crazy than pimples?

Pimples and grey hair all at the same time. There is something so wrong with that!

Lauren said...

January looked fun
I still get pimples...I had them VERY badly in high school but they are calmed down a lot...I did hoe into the chocolate last night and have a few today! So annoying! I was thinking by the time I was in my late 20's they would be gone...but no!

therhythmmethod said...

I had pimples right up until pregnancy no.2 but for some reason they packed their bags and left me alone. I don't know why. You'll probably grow out of them eventually.
Your January looks lovely. Love Manly!! We had a short holiday there a few years ago and yeah, i could totally live there. x

Lynley said...

lovely photos, I think you've captured the vibe of the month!

Jen R said...

The watermelon shots my favs...pimples YES still at 44, but my 70yr old Aunty had one no hope for me and clear

LionessLady said...

Oh my gosh - a party on a boat with no escape! How Hellish! And yep me too with zit city! Although things have improved since I got the Mirena (too much information!!!!)

Shelley @ My Shoebox Life said...

I spent all my school holidays visiting family in Manly. I still remember the smell of the waffle cones on the concorse! And yes, spotty face here. Miss A likes to point them out to me and say 'sore'. She seems to find them even when I'm yet to notice a fresh one. xx

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

stut up. you are not 40. as for the pimples, i'm not yet 30 and those suckers still control me like a 12 year old.

xo em

MultipleMum said...

Love the photos. You must show me how to do instagram. We can still play! Yep. Pimples, wrinkles and greys here. Not fair! x

melissa said...

Pimples? Yes. Still at 32 years of age. From 16 onwards. Better now, but still far from perfect skin.

Photos - you can download picasa free and use it to make collages etc.

CRAP Mamma said...

I love the beach shots - so much joy!

Louisa Claire said...


Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Beautiful photos! So much summer fun, even with the rain.
Pimples, yes, at 33!

Pieni Lintu said...

Thanks for sharing these shots - so cute! I love those mushrooms!!! Very cool!

I have always had very clear skin, if I eat lot of chocolate i get pimples. "Sauna" keeps my skin fresh and clean. But maybe you don't have saunas there.. ;)

Kim H said...

I love instagram! And I love, love your piccies of January. I can't see a single pimple on you and yes, at so-close-to-40-it's-not-funny I still get pimples. I've got a huge one right now. Agh! x

Lisa H said...

Gorgeous pics (as always). I especially love those ones from Manly.

I'm days off turning 41 and I still get pimples. Pimples and wrinkles on the same face. Doesn't seem at all fair does it?!

Mum on the Run said...

Oh - I love all of these.
(Except maybe the kids party meets boat cruise thing.)
Such sweet, sweet pics.
Currently covered in pimples - all down my hairline and jaw!
Happy days!
Um, yeah - thanks for introducing me to Picnik... then letting them pull the rug from under me!!!!
:-) xxx

Simoney said...

Pimples. Yep. A Monthly blight. I am FORTYTWO.
So I guess I've had them forEVER.

Re picnik?
You need to get Photoscape.
Its free to download and has all kinds of great tools including watermarking photos, resizing for uploading to web (which you can do in batches) and loads of great drag and drop collage templates.
I use it all the time.
Free free free.

All about where to get it and how to use it on this post:


Melissa said...

Great wrap up. January looks like it kind of rocked!

I get pimples when my period is due. I've not had a period since October, but I'm still getting pimples when it should happen (no idea why the no period. Getting bloods done today. Not pregnant though).

Anonymous said...

Been getting zits for over 40 years. Teenage years bad, much better for many years, and now going into menopause - it's all happening again. Must be hormonal.
Can I be a man in next life, and just get a fast red car in my mid 50's instead of more zits?

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