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This week I'm grateful for... being grateful

Last week, quietly and without fanfare (due to it being unnoticed and for no other reason (it is me after all!)), I passed my 100th grateful thing. Over 100!

And I think that it is very fitting that number 100 was 'mundanity'.

You would think that I'd be running out of things to be happy about by now, but I've barely rippled the surface. From the trivial to important to the profound, there is magic wherever you look.

In order of appearance from oldest to newest, here are all the things I've been grateful for... so far...

1. Fairies
2. Snot-free sleeves
3. House-porn respectful posties
4. Vaseline
5. Colleagues
6. (Almost) self-explanatory school reports
7. Trumpet-blowing bike couriers
8. Spa gift vouchers
9. Bus drivers
10. The humble pea
11. Happy weather
12. Circus-going friends
13. The Badoo
14. Cappers
15. Maxi-Taxi
16. Rainshine
17. Birthdays
18. Honesty
19. Dreams
20. Slow-cookers
21. A decent vegie-peeler
22. Letters
23. Volunteers
24. Recliners
25. Verandahs
26. Green tea
28. Beaches
29. The great dress
30. Ben + Jerry's Phish Food
31. Thoughtfulness
32. Solitude
33. Freesias
34. Music
35. Hugs
36. Big tries
37. School
38. Italian MILs
39. Drip-irrigation
40. Schools
41.  Toothbrushes
42. My BIL
43. "Boys' Bathroom Cleaner"
44. Wharfs
45. Easy days
46. Sand
47. Hammocks
48. Mermaids
49. Lights
50. New experiences
51. Cushions
52. The kindness of strangers
53. Rest
54. Change
55. Space
56. Support
57. Birds
58. Toilets
59. Newspapers
60. Good customer service
61. Egg yolks
62. Kites
63. Mums
64. Moo Goo
65. My surprisingly adventurous job
66. LOML's job
66. Milk
67. Stationery
68. Savignon Blanc
69. Muffins
70. Dusk
71. Trampolines
72. Funky necklaces
73. Treehouses
74. Fabrics
75. Skipping
76. Holidays
77. House swaps
78. Leona Edmiston
79. Hope
80. Community
81. Love
82. That pool
83. Bloggy friends
84. Cameras
85. New friends
86. Older children
87. A cool breeze
88. Confidence
89. My children's school
90. Zooper Doopers
91. Laughter
92. Inspiring posts
93. My lunchbox
94. Thunderstorms
95. Emails
96. Forgiveness
97. Coincidences
98. Knowledge
99. Movies
100. Mundanity
101. Flowers
102. Sparkly shoes

103. And, today, I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers who take part in our weekly Grateful fix. For me it is a very refreshing, grounding way to quietly close my week and prepare for the next. It makes me happy.

Thank you.

So, what's making you smile today? Follow me, add your I'm Grateful For post below and pretty-please add a link back to me in your post. You can also grab my I'm grateful for... button from my sidebar if you like. Then pop over to visit other bloggers who are spreading a little sunshine. Happy weekend to you!

[Image by Bea Marquez]


Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Well, congrats! Goodness..can't believe there's been so many!

I'm a fairly newcomer to it, and I think it's a great way to look for the good in each week - especially when a week happens that isn't so great.

Well done you. xxx

_vTg_ said...

Hmnn, you had me puzzled as to how you managed to do 100 gratefuls in less than 100 weeks! Now I get it.... :-)

Looking forward to the next 100, and thanks again for hosting all of us gratefuls!

Jane said...

Well, bravo you, Bron. Look at how your little idea has taken on a life of its own. Take a bow, my dear friend! J x

Cate said...

And we are all so grateful for you giving us the opportunity to stop, breathe, and remember to smell the roses from our week. Life is good after all - despite the mess, bickering and projectile barf in the car.
Grateful for long weekends too :-)
have a great weekend

m.e (Cathie) said...

well done! that's alot of wonderful gratefulness there ♥

Kate said...

Wow 100!! That is pretty awesome. Congratulations.
You got me wondering about when I first started talking about grateful on my blog and so I put 'grateful' into the search thing and have been reminiscing ever since. My first time was way back in April last year. Nice to read that everything I was talking about then is still current now.
Have an amazing weekend. X

Lucy said...

I am just grateful it is YOU that had to do all those text links, not me. You're a bloody legend. xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh lots & lots of things to be grateful for, that's quite a list!! Love being part of it, hope you enjoy mine this week. I can see my early parenting efforts paying off, love Posie

Metropolitan Mum said...

Grateful for being grateful sounds very zen... I like that.

PS: I agree, a little padding is nice and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. When I said overeating, I had my mother in mind who is now clinically obese and always used her previous pregnancies as an excuse not to stop overoverovereating. said...

You my lovely are the Grateful Goddess we bow to every week. Thank you for having us. xx

Being Me said...

Holy crap, what a compilation! You are the best.

I've linked to the best thing that happened this week.

kasiabear said...

you rock!!
thanks so much for hosting the blog hop..
it really is such a fab way to end a week and start a weekend!!

Glen Staples said...


you haven't at any point been grateful for testicles!

Clearly this is some kind of omission - I for one, wouldn't be without them

Vanessa said...

Congratulations to you! I am so impressed that you linked back to every single on of them. Is it just because I am still on L plates but it takes me a lifetime to link?

Alice Becomes said...

quite a wonderful milestone...

you should be very pleased with yourself, it is a great linky and i think we all appreciate the chance to "slow down" and be thankful

You know how much I love this linky! Congratulations

Gill xo

Gina said...

I love this! It is amazing to look back over all the posts and reflect on the amazing things in life. Your "grateful" day is one of my favorite days of blogging. It really makes me think and appreciate all the little things in life that I take for granted :).

Pieni Lintu said...

Great list. :)

babygalah said...

WOW ! Congratulations on over 100 grateful posts - I love reading your list of titles - such a varied and colourful list :)
Thanks again for posting and hosting - i always look forward to it.
Happy Weekend, Dee x

Naomi said...

congrats on reaching 100! you have done something rare - created a great link up for everyone that is still going strong. Freaked me out when I saw all your links - how on earth did you find time to do that! N x

bigwords is... said...

Wow! Well done on reaching 100!!!! I am so grateful for you for doing this each week - it really makes me think about my week and what's warmed my heart and made me smile xx

Ms Styling You said...

Gratitude makes the world go round. Congrats.

mel @ loved said...

What a great list, it's always nice to read everyones grateful each week, thanks for hosting!!

monkeemoomoo said...

Good for you! Congratulations. Thank you for reminding us all to stop and take a look around at the big and the little things that we are grateful for each week.

Gratitude is such an important part of our lives:)

Sarah said...

Thank you Maxabella. Having had the pleasure of participating for a while I have 'met' some lovely people online and been awed at their creative skill and talent. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

katepickle said...

As I read through your 100 gratefuls I was smiling along and thinking how I am grateful for a lot of those things too! Thanks for inspiring me!

Jacki said...

That's awesome! I love Grateful Saturdays and I'm so glad you've started it! Now, I'm going to go back and read some of your gratefuls that I've missed!

Stacia said...

Aw, this post is making me smile. How wonderful! (Or should I say, "How one-hundred-ful!"?) =>

Fiona said...

There's so much to be grateful for, and it can sometimes get lost in amongst the mundane. Bravo Bron - you are such an entertaining chick!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

happy 100th!!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

As someone who only joined in the Grateful train at your 100 mark... I am feeling very grateful for your gratefuls my dear! Awesome effort, congratulations for keeping something so uplifting going for so long. Keep it up please :o)

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Beautiful, gratitude is a marvellous thing. It warms my heart constantly.

Mich x

Bec said...

Thats an awesome list!! This is my first time participating :)

kasiabear said...

Oh.. BTW..
You are the winner of a $25 gift voucher at my etsy store and a digital makeover..

Tat said...

That's a lot to be grateful for! It's pretty amazing how once you start looking, you can find something to be grateful for in the most ordinary or even seemingly negative things. Congratulations on your 100.

beck said...

That's one heck of a list!! Wow! Thanks for hosting, I love to play on Saturdays xo

Tamara said...

Wowsers! That's a lot of gratefuls when you list them like that! It's a great list! Funny how a lot of the things we are grateful for are the simple things!
Have a great weekend.


teddybearswednesday said...

WOW! that's some list!!
Thank you for hosting our gratefullnesses and giving them a home xo

Dana Udall-Weiner said...

What a wonderful and inspiring list! And, though yours is a boy, I used to have a cat whom we called Maxi Taxi, too. I was always grateful for him, as well.

Becky said...

Happy 100! Just love your list of gratefuls xo

Leanne said...

Happy Happy HAPPY 100 gratefuls. Woot woot.

Teek said...

wow what a list. congrats on the 100.

Louisa said...

Love it Bron! Congrats :) I'm inspired. x

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

LOVE this list!

And thanks for the reminder to buy some freesia bulbs. I love them.

Megan said...

Look at that huge list! I loved reading through it and taking a guess as to why you might be grateful for it, for those ones that I missed reading. I love that your list is peppered with both big, little and usually insignificant things. Keep it up :)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

oh not a week goes by that i don't thankyou for the Grateful Day!!! Well done on getting to a hundy!! how on earth did you link them all up??? i mean that's crazy!!! I'm pretty sure I've been here to see them all, in the early days when they all began and it wasn't a link up and all - what a great idea that was!! Congrats again!!! You can see how much people love this chance to put out there what they are grateful for. there needs to be more Maxabella Loves - Grateful Day people like you in the world! ;-)

ps -sorry that i didn't join in this weekend - i was away, and well, i'm not that well equiped with the on the go blogging!!!

Gina Alfani said...

Always love your posts :) Thank you for hosting this awesome grateful thingie!

Happy Sunday!


Claire said...

Wonderful list! I love taking part in your link up of gratefulness and Michelle's Cheerfulness, it makes me appreciate the small things as well as the earth moving moments.

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