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Loving these boots

So, of course they're the only style sold out on the site, but I'm loving these boots at Nellie & Me.

Nellie & Me is a sweet little brand all-round. I just love their site design and the shoes are fantastic quality.  This is the cute* little pair that I already own:

Now I realise leopard print isn't for everyone, but I find these to be the most versatile shoes in my wardrobe. These are go "anywear" shoes and the quality for the price is outstanding. Go the leopard!!

* really there is nothing even remotely 'cute' about my giantess size 10 1/2s!


allison t said...

Oooh. I love those boots too. Sold out in all sizes??? I'm going to look.

PartlySunny said...

Love the boots, love the shoes. I'm not buying that you really want everyone in the world to wear uniforms (unless we all get different shoes).

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